Friday, September 18, 2009

Small Cob Hybrid Home

Hello, thanks for setting this I have it bookmarked it'll be easier to use.

My name is Linda George. Peter and I building a small cob hybrid home.

I have been deeply engrossed in environmental education issues for about 25 years: as an active volunteer with BCTF's environmental educators; and The Boundary Bay Conservation Committee, Delta. In my work life as BC Hydro Public Education Coordinator and later working in BCIT's School of Construction and Environment Dept, I became really interested in appropriate housing to address future climate disruptions. I obtained LEED accreditation. Although LEED is an effective instrument for changing western world construction practices, progress is slow. Change within institutions is risk wary and time consuming. Peter and I decided to take early retirement (eek risky) and try building our own energy efficient affordable home and dry food garden - an exciting lifetime opportunity.

Our home is located at 601 River Place (off Spruce Ave) on Gabriola Island. We are hoping to move in before first snowfall 2009. Visitors are is quiet up on the hill...we enjoy meeting fellow future-housing/food researchers.

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